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    Praying Through Your Instrument

    Karry Godwin teaches on the importance of "Praying Through
    Your Instrument". Learn how to bring your worship team
    up to Kingdom music not just church music.

    Length: 58 minutes

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    Becoming a Disciple-Making Teacher

    What does a disciple-making teacher look like? What can we learn from Christ about becoming disciple-making teachers? David Apple discusses what your job as a teacher looks like.

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Today's Children's Culture

    No description available.

    Length: 53 minutes

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    Coaching Workshop 4/5

    Bob Bumgarner continues his series with an overview of the relate, reflect, refocus, resource, and review phases in the coaching process.

    Length: 55 minutes

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    Building Powerful Ministry Teams, pt. 1

    Bert Ross discusses principles of building powerful and effective ministry teams. Part one includes Biblical concepts for teams and common purpose.

    Length: 47 minutes

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    NFSSC - General Leader 2

    No description available.

    Length: 38 minutes

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    Church Finances

    Joan Bruce gives an overview of Charitable Organizations and Financial obligations.

    Length: 49 minutes

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    Introduction to Human Trafficking Part I: Definition and Scope

    This session - part 1 of 4 - provides a basic introduction to human trafficking with a particular emphasis on trafficking as it occurs domestically. Maryland is used as an example of one state with high probability factors for human trafficking.

    Length: 21 minutes

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    A Child's Spiritual Journey - Part 01

    Most people become Christ-followers between the ages of 7-12. Childhood is the most influential time in our lives. We are all the products of our childhood. Childhood shapes our faith, values, and who we are. During childhood we memorize more information (math tables, grammar, spelling, scripture verses, etc.) and develop more habits than any other time in life. That is why Children's Ministry is more important than ever.

    * An Improved Approach to Child Evangelism
    * Four Stages of a Child's Faith
    * Signs That a Child Is Ready to Follow Christ
    * Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready
    * Children and Baptism
    * The Five Best Times to Reach Un-Churched Families
    * Resources for Training Parents and Volunteers

    Length: 49 minutes

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