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    NFSSC - Children/Preschool

    No description available.

    Length: 149 minutes

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    A Child's Spiritual Journey - Part 01

    Most people become Christ-followers between the ages of 7-12. Childhood is the most influential time in our lives. We are all the products of our childhood. Childhood shapes our faith, values, and who we are. During childhood we memorize more information (math tables, grammar, spelling, scripture verses, etc.) and develop more habits than any other time in life. That is why Children's Ministry is more important than ever.

    * An Improved Approach to Child Evangelism
    * Four Stages of a Child's Faith
    * Signs That a Child Is Ready to Follow Christ
    * Signs That a Child Is NOT Ready
    * Children and Baptism
    * The Five Best Times to Reach Un-Churched Families
    * Resources for Training Parents and Volunteers

    Length: 49 minutes

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    El Caracter del Liderazgo

    A discussion of "The Character of Leadership," by Jeff Iorg, led by Fernando Amaro.

    Length: 47 minutes

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    Breaking Growth Barriers Part 1

    Fred presents a clear presentation of how to overcome many of the natural barriers to church growth

    Length: 60 minutes

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    Introduction to Human Trafficking Part III: The Church's Response

    This session - part 3 of 4- is a call for the Church to engage on this issue of Human Trafficking. The session provides a brief Biblical mandate and then focuses on specific ways that the Faithful can make an impact in awareness, advocacy, prevention and ministry.

    Length: 23 minutes

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    Holistic Women’s Programming. Breathe In & Breathe Out

    Breathe In/Breathe Out is holistic approach to encouraging women to become actively involved in Bible Study as well as missions/ministry.

    Length: 35 minutes

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    Connect3: The Power of One Sunday School

    Connect "to the Third Power" demonstrates the power of one Sunday School.

    Length: 46 minutes

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    How to Double a Sunday School Class - Part 4

    Concluding his series on doubling a Sunday school class, Josh Hunt stresses that as long as friendship comes first, faith will surely follow.

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Comeback Churches, Pt. 2

    Part 2 of Ed's discussion of Comeback Churches.

    Length: 44 minutes

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